Q&A | Matt Harvey of New York Mets

We talk sports and game day style influenced by Men's New York Fashion Week-- one on one with Mets star pitcher Matt Harvey.

How does it feel to play for a New York sports team as a native New Yorker?

I really got to experience that to another level on July 31st when we swept the Washington Nationals to tie for first place in the division. I think after seeing and hearing the crowd that day, then driving home and witnessing them cheering my name even as I was leaving the ballpark was pretty incredible. 


The knock on CitiField used to be that it was a pitchers park. Well now, it is a pitchers park with a clear home field advantage because your staff is dominant. How do you feel, being responsible for changing the pitching perception of CitiField into a positive?

I think if you pitch the way we do, then you can even bring in the fences more. I think for us a team, our idea is to throw hard and keep it down. If we do that, we can keep the ball in the yard no matter where we are. If they decide to move in the fences in to help us score more runs, then our pitching staff just will have to keep the ball down even more in the future.

What is the coolest part about playing in New York?

Going to Madison Square Garden. When they put you on the Garden Vision and the place goes crazy. It sounds like the Rangers scored a goal or the Knicks knocked down a three pointer at the buzzer. It's pretty surreal having all of those people cheer for you. As a kid, I used to go to Rangers and Knicks games and sit way in the nose bleeds. So sitting courtside or front row for the Rangers, it is something you could never imagine growing up and totally surreal.


What are your go-to spots in New York to get away from the grind?

Well if I had go-to spots to get away from the grind, then they wouldn't be a secret anymore if I told you. I am kidding. I like to keep active during the season. When I need to get away, I play golf. I am a member at Liberty National and going over there to play golf is my relaxation time to clear my head before I head over to the ballpark. If I have a free night, I try and see friends that I haven't seen in a while. Sometimes it is tough to keep up with everybody during the season because it is time consuming.

Can you explain your partnership with Axe?

I think considering that Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard have the flow going, I have to keep my hair up to tip top shape. Axe believes that you need to keep your hair looking like its in its prime and looking good at all times. I think their product keeps me feeling good. Having a men's shampoo that accomplishes that allows me to compete with the locks of love that deGrom and Syndergaard have.

What charities are you involved in?

I love to get involved in as many charities as I can. I wanted to make sure that when I get involved in a charity of my own, that it is done in the correct way and I can do it to the best of my abilities. So I have kind of held off on doing that so far and in the near future having my own charity is something I definitely will do. Curtis Granderson, David Wright and other players throughout Major League Baseball have amazing charities and I like to get involved as much as I can. Anytime I can lend a hand, I like to help out and get involved anyway I can.

Are you going to come to the podium looking fresh at your press conferences when the Mets make the playoffs, like the NBA players do?

Absolutely. When you get into those spotlight games, you got to come correct and look good. Especially after Men's Fashion Week in New York, you gotta do what you gotta do.

What can we expect next from Matt Harvey and the New York Mets?

We have an important road trip coming up and hope to finish August strong.

[photography credit AXE / New York Post / New York Times]